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The Amazing Fly Geyser

Fly Geyser is not a very well known tourist attraction, even to Nevada residents. There is a reason for this: the geyser is on privately owned land and it is not open to the public. Another little known fact about Fly Geyser is that it began as a well. The original well was drilled in 1916 and functioned normally for almost fifty years until nature decided to take over.

In the 1960s, geothermally-heated water found a weak spot in the well’s wall and began escaping to the surface. Dissolved minerals in the water started to accumulate resulting in this incredible natural phenomena seen today. Although Fly Geyer, including its base, is only 12 feet (3.7 m) high, it will continue to grow as long as it continues to spout water.

The beautifully colored geyser, surrounded by small pools and other stunning geological formations is only open to scientists by appointment. We might think the land owner is behaving rather stingy by not sharing this amazing creation of the planet with others. However, there are those who feel that if they owned an actual geologic phenomena, they might keep it to themselves as well.  At least he’s not exploiting the situation by charging people to view it. Now that would be shameful.

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NPR: Hubble Captures Time-Lapse Videos Of Stars Being Born

(Movies of jets from young stars at HubbleSite: here)

If you’re like me and maybe a little confused as to what you’re looking at, here’s some more detail (Yes, even Joe has to look stuff up sometimes): 

As a star is formed from collapsing dust, ever increasing its density and energy, it begins to form a disk of dust and gas pulled in and rotated by its growing gravity. Perpendicular to this disk, like the tip of a spinning top, some gas is ejected away from the growing star in a high-energy jet. As this collides with interstellar gas, it gives off radiation, which we can observe with telescopes like Hubble.

To see the jets, we have to shift into the infrared and other spectra, as the radiation is outside normal human vision. These movies represent the first time we’ve seen the dynamics of the jets as opposed to still images. More info on protostellar jets here, you star-freaks.



This world never ceases to amaze me.

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